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Water treatment processing makes water more acceptable for end user, which may be drinking, industry, or medicine. 

Water treatment is unlike portable water purification that campers and other people in wilderness areas practice. Water treatment should remove existing water contaminants or so reduce their concentration that their water becomes fit for its desired end user, which may be safely returning used water to the environment.

THINKTANK is a manufacturer offer a wide range of butterfly valves , diaphragm valves, globe valves , knife gate valves and control valves , ball valves , as well as measuring and control systems for typical applications. The applications range from isolation, controlling and regulating very dirty sea, river and brackish water up to the production of high purity water for the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries. 

Typical applications are:          

· Drinking water treatment

· Seawater desalination

·  Process water for energy production          

· Cooling water circuits

· Process water for industry

· Water purification for swimming pools

· Treatment of leachate from rubbish dumps

· Municipal and industrial drainage water treatment and sewage treatment plants

· Municipal water supply

· High purity water production for the semiconductor industry

· Water processing for the pharmaceutical industry


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