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China has suffered a lot from environment pollution, and inferior petroleum quality accounts for a portion of pollution, which alarms the state to issue compulsory policies to improve petroleum quality. So CNPC, Sinopec and other oil refining companies have planned to technology rectification on current equipment accordingly. With the advantages of professional R&D team, Global Sales Network and Plants, We could supply a whole solution of Hydrogen Valve to satisfy their upgrading requirements of newly oil refining plant constructions, precisely refining plant and hydro-desulphurization units (HDS).

Applicable to petroleum and refinery fields, THINKTANK has a wide range of industrial valves, with manual operated valve, automation valves, switch valve and harsh working environment valve included. Our products contribute to production improvement and reliability, working time extension, maintenance decrease. Furthermore, to follow the steps of petroleum refining industry, our technology teams are devoting to constant research activities on provision of creative solutions.

Major Application:Main Products:
• Chemical & Refinery PlantStainless steel Gate Valve , Globe and Check Valve
• Diesel &Gasoline Hydrogenation Unit, Catalytic Cracking UnitY Type Globe Valve
• Desulfurization & Hydrogenation ProcessingHigh-Temperature and  High-Pressure Valve

Bellow Valve , Feedwater Valve

Switch Control Valve, Control Valve, Automation Valve


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