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Power plant has always been research new methods to develop energy resources in a quick, safeand efficient way in order to meet increasing power demand and inflict minimum impact to the environment.  THINKTANK® Globe type control valves and steam-conditioning stations are used around the power industry.While the industrial valves execute the wide variety of control tasks associated with boiler feedwater, heating oil and gas, condensate, and LP steam, steam-conditioning stations reduce high pressure and temperatures. The valves are connected between the steam generator and peripheral equipment. 

Meanwhile, THINKTANK has pleased to help customers to reduce downtime, optimize energy efficiency and create a safe working environment. Here are we would like to introduce some typical application of power plant.

Boiler Feedwater System

· Feedwater pump recirculation control valve

· Main feedwater control valve

· Start-up feedwater control valve

· Superheater attemperator spray control valve

· Reheater attemperator spray control valve

· Turbine bypass valve attemperator

Main Steam System

· HP turbine bypass valve

· LP turbine bypass valve

· Soot blower heater control valve

· Steam control valve 

· Deaerator pegging steam control valve

· Turbine seal pressure control valve

Condensate system

· Condensate recirculation control valve

· Deaerator level control valve

The Heater Drain System

· HP heater drain control valve

· LP heater drain control valve

Auxiliary System

· Fuel oil or gas control valve


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