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High Pressure Pump PAH80 For Water Mist Fire Protection System

May 23, 2017


The LANGLEY high-pressure pumps is designed to supply water flow under high pressure for a varity of applications:

LANGLEY pumps are positive displacement pumps, with axial pistons that move a fixed amount of water in each cycle. Flow is proportional to the number of input shaft revolutions (rpm). Unlike centrifugal pumps, they produce the same flow at a given speed no matter what the discharge pressure. All components are designed to provide long service life with a constantly high efficiency and minimum service required.

Below sectional drawing is an example of a PAH pump: 

1  Shaft sealing     

2  Mounting flange

3   Retaining ring   

4   Piston/shoe

5   Valve trust plate

6   Swash plate

7   Cylinder barrel

8   Spring

9   Port plate

10  Connecting flange


• Zero risk of lubricant contamination:

Oil lubricants are replaced with the pumped medium, water, so there is no contamination risk from the pump.

• Low maintenance costs:

Efficient design and all-stainless steel construction ensure exceptionally long lifetime. When LANGLEY specifications are met, service intervals of up to 5,000 hours can be expected. Service is easy, and can be carried out on site due to the simple design and few parts.

• Low energy costs:

The highly efficient axial piston design provides the lowest energy consumption of any comparable pump on the market.

• Easy installation:

- The lightest and most compact design available.

- Pump can be installed horizontally or vertically.

- No pulsation dampeners necessary due to extremely low-pressure pulsation.

- Powered by electric motors or combustion engines.

- Suitable for both boosted inlet pressure and water supply from a tank.

- No need for cooling circuits due to very high mechanical efficiency.

Application examples

1、Stationary and mobile hydraulic systems

2、Fire fighting

3、High-pressure systems 

4、Flushing and cleaning processes

5、Humidification systems

6、Reverse osmosis desalination


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