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How THINKTANK’s Control valve used for low and ultra-low NOx burners?

Oct 23, 2020

With the speedy development of industry, and due to the burning of fossil fuel as well as ever growing number of vehicles on the roads, Our environment has been experiencing extremely poor air quality for latest years.

A measure of air quality is particulate matter in the air 2.5 microns or larger, commonly known as PM2.5 of less than 50 is considered healthy and above 250 is considered hazardous. So it’s very important to control NOx of its larger boilers used in industry and for district heating.

Since 2015 year, Our control valves start serve low and ultra-low burners to replace some European brand, which has long delivery time and high cost. Many European and USA burner manufacturers that had dominated the developing countries market and have sufficient low NOx technology to meet the new emission requirements. This presented an opportunity for our THINKTANK to meets European and USA burners which need high precision & sensitive control range.

Low Nox combution system.jpg

Case solution for ultra-low NOx burners

Location: Beijing, China

Problem: Rxx brand pneumatic globe type control valve work for ultra-low NOx combustion system, it work well at low opening, but over 40% can't controlling flow capacity,which have large flow rate but can not be controlled by EQ% flow characteristic. It course the gas cannot be burned sufficiently, so that the NOX content exceeds the standard. 

Goal: To slove the problem that the flow rate at large opening position which don't have good flow characteristic in site. 

Solution: THINKTANK engineer got full inspection when we received the control valves. Based on our calculation software, for 7500Nm3/h, it needs DN150 size control valve in this condition. And Rxx is DN150 right. But when we see the plug part, our engineer finally knows the reason, it maybe becasue the wrong select plug.

control valve plug.png

The Rxx brand select large flow capacity type for this application, but not has EQ% flow characteristic, which only below roughly 40% opening they have a good flow curve, it's exactly same as show in site. So when we send our THINKTANK new control valves for the customer, which is a USA burners manufacturer, the problem is fixed. We are not only fixed this problem, but also save at least 50% cost for our customer.

If you interesting more information for related project solutions, welcome to send us for your request, we are happy to provide aconslut, selection, calculation or any technical support as free.

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