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15 Tips for installation control valves and other industrial valves

Sep 04, 2019

1. When installing industrial valves, it is necessary to clean the inner cavity and the sealing surface, and the connecting bolts are evenly tightened to check whether the packing is tight.

2. The valve in the close position when under installation process.

3. For large-size gate valve, pneumatic control valve should be installed vertically,  in order to avoid the valve plug is biased to one side, that will cause leakage.

4. The valves should be installed according to the allowed working position, but must pay attention to the convenience of inspection and operation.

5. The installation of the shut-off valve should be consistent with the arrow marked on the valve body, and its same as flow direction of the medium. For the valves which does not open and close frequently, it is necessary to strictly ensure that the valve does not leakage under the closed position, and can be reverse mounted to close it by the pressure of the medium. 

6. For cryogenic valves should be opened and closed in the cryogenic state as far as possible before positioning, requiring flexibility and no jamming.

7. It is strictly forbidden to climb the valve stem as a scaffold during installation.

8. After all the valves are in place, they should be opened and closed again, and the phenomenon of flexibility and no jamming is qualified.

 9. The valve should generally be positioned before the pipeline installation. The piping should be natural and the position should not be hard to avoid the prestressing.

10. When handling and installing valves, beware of bumping and scratching accidents.

11. When the new valve is used, the packing should not be pressed too tightly, so as no leakage, so as to avoid the valve stem being pressed too much, accelerating wear and tear, and it is difficult to open and close.

12. Before installing the valve, make sure that the valve meets the design requirements and relevant standards.

13. Before installing the valve, the inside of the pipeline should be cleaned to remove impurities such as iron filings to prevent the valve seal & seat from being contaminated with impurity.

14. When the high temperature valve is installed at normal temperature, after use, the temperature rises, the bolt expands and the gap increases, so it must be tightened again. This problem needs attention, otherwise it is easy to leak.

15. Install the valve need to confirm whether the flow direction of the medium, the installation form and the position of the handwheel are in compliance with the regulations.

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