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How control valves factories in China can provide so cheapest price?

May 17, 2019

Don't doubt your eyes, it's all true!

Maybe this happened to you too.

The low price has gained your trust, but the damage done to you is far more than money, more is the destruction of your business reputation. Here is a exmple we have meet.

I always have a question that why some suppliers can give an unbelievable price for control valves but THINKTANK can't?  Until one of a potential customer finds us for help....

These control valves buy from one of supplier in Zhejiang with very low & unbelievable price. The photo show is NEW control valve, yes, it's not used. 

Eventually, these control valves were returned on site and my customer asked me to help revise the remedy. To be honest, we refused, it will take a lot of work and it is much harder than making a new control valve. But finally I took this job not because I want open a oppotunitiy of coporate with this customer, but also curious about why others can do so lower price but we can't, How did they do? The reason we have know when we see the valves.


The most important that they just according to your pipe size to produce the valve size, no selection and calculation. And the control valve don't have seat part, just use casting body to welding a metal ring as a seat. You will see the pictures as below.

THINKTANK®️ has total different design of control valves, each parts of control valve are standard produce. Pls see as following pictures. 

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