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The metals and mining industry is about exploitation and use of metal or non-metal mineral resources. THINKTANK offers industrial valves for the metals and mining industry, also we supply the complete solutions for these applications. It's include 

Iro mine exploitation and smelting, Aluminum mine exploitation and processing, Nickel mine exploitation and processing and Copper mine exploitation and processing.

All the valve sealing needs tight enough for each application, if not that corrosion and wear during operation will cause pipeline and valve aging to accelerate. That means more frequent maintenance is needed while the valve's lifespan shorten.

Industrial valves used for metals & mining industry are always needed to keep improving safety and efficiency.

THINKTANK uses advanced design for industrial valves to make environmental safety and working conditions of process pipelines. Also we improving a longer lead time in process automation. 

Our advantage industrial valve in metals and mining industry include: stainless steel ball valve, knife gate valves, metal to metal seated ball valves, pneumatic gate valve and butterfly valve, etc.



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