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Product Name: Flow cut off valve with pneumatic actuator

Size(mm): 200x200, 250x250, 300x300, 400x400, 500x500

                 600x600, 700x700, 800x800, 900x900, 1000x1000

Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel

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  • I. Application

    GFC-CP series knife gate valve is the GFC knife gate valve install the cylinder pneumatic actuator. It’s a special device for powder transmission. The easy worn points of this gate valve by our company is made of anti-friction materials, as well the valve structure design had fully considered the characteristics of powder materials with hard material in, thus it seldom appears that the valve stuck by the materials and the valve board can’t slid.

    The valve can work under hard environment for a long-term without troubles.

    GFC-CP series knife gate valve is equipped with double action cylinder and solenoid valve as drive devices to get opening and closing control of the valve, which is an ideal equipment to control the powder material conveying.

    II. Structure Features

    1). Nice appearance, compact structure, non-resistance, easy installation and no angle limit.

    2). Valve plate is used of highly heat-resistant materials with good properties of anti-corrosion under high-temperature, high worn resistance, and no powder and dust leakage.

    3). Adopt double action cylinder for smooth transmission, small vibration and low noise.

    III. Working Principle

    GFC-CP series pneumatic knife gate valve is operated by double action cylinder equipped with solenoid valve. When the air supply to the cylinder actuator the valve open, through change the port of the solenoid valve to control valve close.

    Technical Parameters


    1). Install the gate valve according to operating requirements. The valve flow should be the same with the materials flow, and take the maintenance and easy operation into consideration.

    2). Tighten the connecting bolt with average force to prevent damage caused by unbalance force to flange surface.

    3). Check the sealing surface of the valve, and make sure no dirt attached.

    4). Valve is requested to full open or full close during operation, the valve will not be allowed to open partly for flow regulation.

    5). Lubricate the moving parts frequently with grease on the valve during using, and coat the trapezoidal screw nut of the valve stem with lubricating grease.

    6).Open the back-end board of the knife gate valve before connecting the itinerary switching lines.


    1). Valve should be kept in dry and ventilating indoor and block its both ends.

    2). Long-term storage valve should be inspected regularly, remove the dirt, and pay attention to the rust-proof and moisture-proof work.

    3). After installation, inspect the following major items regularly:

    a. Check the wear situation of the sealing surface.

    b. Check the wear situation of the valve stem and trapezoidal screw nut.

    c. Check the wear situation of the sealing blankets

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