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Control valves to satisfy general industrial-Oil&Gas

Oct 28, 2015

THINKTANK offers a complete range of industrial valves to satisfy general oil&gas industrial needs and much more. Our technology of control valves is designed to help customers find reliable and proven solutions to increase revenue, reduce costs and reinvest in innovation.

There are three parts in oil&gas project.

Upstream: Upstream is the exploration and refining of crude oil both on and off shore. THINKTANK continuously improves its technical capabilities and global sales network to offer customers valve solutions that can control cost.

This part the main valves include cryogenic ball valve, API6A wellhead valve, dual phase steel valve, super dual phase steel valve, cryogenic gate, cryogenic globe valve, cryogenic check valve and floating ball valve, etc.

Midstream: Midstream is the implementation of safe and efficient transportation of oil & gas products between production and storage areas to the processing plants and consumers. THINKTANK has abundant experience in pipeline and transmission valves which enables customers to stay flexible and adapt to a changing market.

This part the main valves include full welded ball valve, gate valve and check valve, etc.

Downstream´╝ÜDownstream process involves refineries and processing plants of oil & gas products.These operation plants require a large variety of different valves which are a necessity due to the various final products. As the largest valve producer in China, we have a large offering of different valves enabling clients to minimize operating cost by reducing logistic complexity and assist in compliance to various environmental and governmental criteria.

This part the main valves include API 603 stainless steel gate, API 603 stainless steel globe, stainless steel check valve, forged steel valve, cast steel valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, bellow seal valve, control valve, actuator valve and jacket valve, etc.

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