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Product Name: Low Noise Cage type Control valve

Type: Straight-through, cast globe valve

Size: 1-1/2'', 2'',  2-1/2'', 3'', 4'', 5'', 6'', 8'' (DN40 – DN200)

Pressure Rating: ANSI 125 ~ ANSI 600 (PN16~PN100, JIS10K~JIS40K)

Body Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel

Operation: Pneumatic diaphragm actuator, Pneumatic piston actuator, Electric actuator

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  • Additional Description


    The model TT-ACN low-noise cage type control valves are designed to reduce acoustic noise in services of compressible fluids such as steam, air and natural gas. The cage employs multi-hole structure and reduce noise by ideal pressure reduction with a combination in two steps of "restriction" and "diffusion and expansion”. 

    The valve plug employs a pressure balance function to control high differential pressure fluid with small actuator force. The TT-ACN realizes seat leakage performance as single seat valve by seal ring structure. In addition, the TT-ACN is equipped the cage plug with a scraper ring to prevent a malfunction caused by foreign object enter between the cage plug and the cage.

    The TT-ACN is widely applicable for reliable control of high or low temperature, high differential pressure process lines where dynamic stability, low noise are required.


    Body Type: Straight-through, cast globe valve

    Nominal size: 1-1/2’’,  2’’,  2-1/2’’, 3’’, 4’’, 5’’, 6’’, 8’’ 

    Pressure rating:   • JIS 10K, 16K, 20K, 30K, 40K

                                 • ANSI Class 125, 150, 300, 600

                                 • JPI Class 125, 150, 300, 600

    End connection:   • Flanged end;

                                 • Welded end; SW (1-1/2’’, 2’’), BW (2-1/2’’ to 8’’)

    For body/trim material combinations and operating temperature ranges, refer to Table 1.


    • Plain bonnet (-17 to 230°C)

    • Extension bonnet Type 1 (-45 to -17°C and 230 to 360°C)

    • Extension bonnet Type 2

    Integral cast type (-100 to -45°C),

    Welded type (-196 to -100°C)

    Note) Take care not to exceed the operating temperature ranges specified for respective materials.

    Gland type: Bolted gland

    Packing / Grease

     • Grease not provided

    When V-shaped PTFE packing or PTFE yarn packing is used.

    • Grease provided

    When graphite packing is used.


    Valve plug: Single seated pressure balanced type

    Cage: Multiple-orifice design 

    -Linear cage (LV)

    (For flow characteristics, refer to Figure 2.)


    For body/trim material combinations and operating temperature ranges, refer to Table 1.

    Note) For fluid conditions that require Stellite, refer to Figure 3.

    Actuator Type: Single acting diaphragm actuator (Type HA)

    Action: Direct or reverse action

    Diaphragm:  Type HA: Cloth embedded ethylene propylene rubber

    Spring range:

    20 to 98 kPa {0.2 to 1.0 kgf/cmÇ}

    80 to 240 kPa {0.8 to 2.4 kgf/cmÇ}

    Supply pressure:

    Diaphragm actuator

    Type HA:140 to 390 kPa {1.4 to 4.0 kgf/cmÇ}

    Note) Allowable differential pressure varies depending on spring range and air supply pressure.

    Air connection

    Rc1/4 or 1/4NPT internal thread

    Ambient temperature: -30 to 70°C

    Valve action:

    Air-to-close (Direct action actuator is combined.)

    Air-to-open (Reverse action actuator is combined.)

    Optional accessories:

    Positioner, pressure regulator with filter, hand wheel, limit switch, solenoid valve, motion transmitter, booster relay, lock-up valve, and others.

    Note) 1. For optional items, refer to the specification sheets and installation drawings of the respective accessories.

              2. Accessories with the asterisk mark (*) are selected from among the following types depending on the actuators to be combined.


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