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Product Name: High-performance Butterfly Valves

Size: 50~1200mm

Pressure Rating: 150~300Lbs

Temperature Range: EPDM: -29~120°C, FPM: -29~150°C, PTFE: -29~150°C, CR: -29~80°C, NBR: -29~80°C, SI: -29~200°C

Connection Type: Wafer

StructureDesign: A Type, LT Type

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  • Design Feature

    Horizontal pin: Reduce the exploding possibility of stem effectively under the internal unbearable pressure.

    Disc: There is no stem through disc completely for less resistance and more flow capacity.

    Stem: The design of two section of stem, can enhance the stability and resistance of disc effectively.

    Guide bearing: It is made by nylon and can ensure that the shaft rotate in absolute center,to decrease friction and torque.

    The seat with backrest: It is consisted of inner backrest and outer rubber.the backrest can withstand the deformation of seat when it is scoured and squeezed to extend service life.


    Valve body is designed to meet MSS SP-67 and API609.

    Upper flange standards: Valve mounting flange and stem shall be per ISO 5211.

    Flange Standard: GB 9113.1N ANSI 150 B16.5、JIS B2211.

    Pressure Rating:

    Bi-directional bubble-tight shut off to: 16 bar(230psi) DN40~DN600mm

    And tested to 110% of full rating: 18 bar(260psi) DN40~DN600mm

    Shell Testing: 

    The body strength can stand 150% of full rating: 24 bar(340psi) DN40~DN600mm

    Main Features

    Tight sealing and zero leakage under rated pressure(1.0Mpa~1.6Mpa).

    Multi-sealing design separates valve body from working medium to ensure zero leakage.

    Main parts are designed to fit exactly into each other to ensure a better sealing, smaller torque, bigger flow, lower fluid resistance as well as flexible two-side flow.

    Scientific design for the sealing surface of valve seat makes a closed connection between the valve and the pipe flange without any additional ccessories.

    Designed and produced based on multi-standard system, so the valve could be applied to various of flange and enjoy excellent interchangability.

    All parts are embalmed, suitable for various complex work environment.

    Others: According to customer requirements.


    Actuator Type:Electric, Pneumatic, Turbine, Handle

    Control Type: On-off, Modulating, Inteligent

    Nominal Dimension: 50~1200mm

    Pressure Rating: 150~300Lbs


    EPDM: -29~120°C, FPM: -29~150°C

    PTFE: -29~150°C, CR: -29~80°C

    NBR: -29~80°C, SI: -29~200°C

    Connection Type: Wafer

    Structure Design: A Type, LT Type

    Body Material:SS304L, WCB, Casting Iron, Ductile Iron

    Disc Material: SS316L, SS316, SS304, Casting Iron, Casting Iron+Nylon11, B148, FEP (Casting Iron+F46)

    Seat Material: NBR, EPDM, PTFE, FPM, CR, SI

    Medium: Gas, Water, Oil

    Option Accessories: Limit Switch, Positioner, Solenoid Valve, Pressure-relief Valve

                                 Type A                                                      Type LT

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